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#also mashed potatoes?! #such a supposedly good meal deserves the KING of potato products #ROAST POTATOES #oh god I just can't wait for Christmas #also going to bed now bye!!
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  2. everythingisungodly said: it’s a thing.
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    he died FOR our sins, meg. so that we could continue sinning, and it would be ok! flagrant sin is the best way to honor...
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    i always thought the traditional thing was: easter - ham thanksgiving - turkey christmas eve - lasagne christmas -...
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    yeah so about that whole kosher thing…. sorry jesus
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    Sometimes I think about how (and I really don’t know if this is true or if it’s just one of those bullshit American...
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    muffinrun: in my few months of eating meat i actually really liked turkey breast, not deli slices, but the real thing...
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    usually ham or turkey but we’ve done shrimp, too, because my family has a thing for seafood, and one year we did gumbo
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    ham, traditionally, I think? when I make xmas dinner for my family I do steak and brussels sprouts and roast potatoes...
  10. existentialgumchewer said: A lot of people do a ham at Christmas. At least my family does. :)
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